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Why AIA?

John M. Casson

John M Casson

Mr. Casson has been Executive Director of The Association for Investor Awareness, Inc., since inception. He also serves as President/CEO of Casson Media Group, Inc., a publishing, media and communications holding company.

Mr. Casson was an equity partner in a full service, registered, FINRA broker dealer specializing in direct investment products, public and private offerings, mutual funds, and general securities; he has held several securities licenses, including an investment advisor representative’s registration.

He received his BBA in marketing from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where he also attended graduate school and was honorably discharged from the United States Army Reserve in 1974.

Investors and independent businessmen, the lifeblood of this and any other free economy, gasp for breath every time government agencies apply the two-fisted choke-hold of higher taxes and more regulation.

I formed this association to allow America’s investors to lift one voice (be it in the halls of state legislatures or on the steps of the U.S. Congress) in opposition to the attempted strangulation of the entrepreneurial spirit and investment opportunities that made this country the envy of the free world.

Perhaps like me, you have found yourself frustrated enough to take pen in hand and write your congressman or state legislator. And to what end? Oh, if the office is efficient you might get a sterile form letter or bombarded with propaganda churned out under the lawmaker’s franking privilege. Let’s face it, to be heard we must bellow, not whisper.That’s why I’m asking committed individuals like you to band together with me now.

The Association will empower one big voice for investor protection and education. We must act now because you and I are under siege with total taxes approaching 60 percent and investment opportunities continually stalled by regulation-happy bureaucrats who do not understand that our savings and investments are the real fuel that drives the economic bus and ultimately creates new jobs.

The Association for Investor Awareness, Inc. is committed to influencing political action not political rhetoric. Big government must heed our call; we are the ones writing the checks. They must understand that we are the source of economic growth, corporate expansion, research and development and, most importantly, the creation of jobs and wealth.

Do not sit idly by and watch the behemoth of big government gulp another piece of your personal freedom. Let’s keep our eye on Washington.

If you are tired of the latest governmental dictates, give out a bellow, not a whisper. Let’s tell Congress what we really want and need. After all, we’re responsible for our own futures and those of our family and children. I’ve learned the hard way that we can’t count on some faceless bureaucrat in Washington. We must make our own voices heard!